I started my career at VCC-Postprodcution and the renowned Das Werk as a Colour Assist. Later I worked there as a Colorist on campaigns for brands such as Mazda, VW, Peugeot, Reckitt Benckiser or L'Oréal.
Before I started as a Freelance-Colorist in 2021, I worked for 6 years for the leading German posthouse „CinepostProduction“ mainly on movies or series. With over 90 long form projects, I was able to further expand my technical knowledge and creative skills there.
With over a decade of working as a Colorist, I now work on some of the largest long form and Commercial projects in Germany.
Some of my latest credits include the movie "Hui Buh2", "Der Vermessene Mensch", the Amazon series "Love Addicts" and the Paramount+ series "A thin Line".
I count cinematographers Judith Kaufmann, Martin Schlecht, Stephan Burchard, Philip Baben der Erde, Simon Drescher, Gerhard Schirlo, Torsten Breuer or Jens Harant as frequent collaborators.
In 2022 I have won a „Filmlight Colour Award“  at the EnergaCAMERIMAGE Festival in the Spotlight-Catergory for work my at „Dear Mr. Führer“.

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